/ February 22, 2008

Armed University

Are armed people safer? Gun advocates often argue that they are — even in light of recent shootings on college campuses. But we don’t need to lecture the state of Utah about this: Utah is the only state where it is legal to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus.

A student correspondent for CNN-U has recently investigated the how the campus of the University of Utah feels about the controversial law. Some said they feel safer and more able to protect themselves from attacks, fearing a repeat of the massacres at Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech. Others felt vulnerable knowing that any student nearby might be armed.

The Utah state legislature may take the law a step further as it deliberates over a bill allowing registered users to carry exposed weapons on campus. State Rep. Curtis Oda defended Utah’s measures, stating: “When you see someone with a gun, you are looking at some of the most law abiding people in the state.” Sound crazy? See for yourself by taking the quiz: How Well Do You Know Utah’s Gun Laws?

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