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Netherlands to Cap High-Income Severance Pay

The Cabinet recently endorsed legislation in the Netherlands which will amend the Dutch Civil Code to put a ceiling severance packages for those making EUR 75,000 or more per year.  Because higher income individuals are in a good position to find subsequent employment, the compensation ceiling has been set at one year’s salary.

This ceiling will only apply if the court permits the dismissal of the employee and does not affect contractual agreements between employers and employees.  Additionally, the law does not apply in cases of employer misconduct.

Source: Netherlands Ministry of Justice (site in English)

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European Union overregulated says new EU President Mirek Topolanek

Mirek Topolanek is the current Czech prime minister, and he takes over the six-month EU presidency on January 1st, 2009. For the first time leading the Union, the Czechs will have to conquer the hearts and minds of their partners. Many member states think that eurosceptic nationalists will hamper Pragues European action. With the Lisbon treaty blocked by an institutional stalemate, Mirek Topalanek will have to defend himself from domestic political ambushes, while giving the EU efficient leadership.

Source: Euronews 

Lawdable Quotes: Fancis Bacon

Decided cases are the anchors of the law, as laws are of the state.
~ Francis Bacon

Lawdable Quotes: Anacharsis

Written laws are like spiders’ webs, and will like them only entangle and hold the poor and weak, while the rich and powerful will easily break through them.
~ Anacharsis