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Justice Deptartment eyeing telecom probe
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Amazon Patent Details Ad-Supported Kindle Books
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Notable Morning Stories ….

Smaller Law Firms Get More Big Company Work, Survey Finds
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Lawyers set to square off over Michael Jackson estate
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Court Ruling Clears Path for G.M. to Restructure
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Carbon ring storage promises 1,000 times higher memory density
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Ethics Watch: May a Lawyer Examine Metadata Contained in Electronic Documents?

What is Metadata?
Metadata is “data about data.”  It’s hidden in most of your documents and contains information about the document’s history.  For example, if you prepare a document and send it to colleagues who amend and comment on the document, and you then email the document to a third party, that person may be able to “mine” the document and view the amendments which were later deleted.

Is it Ethical to Examine Metadata?
Most states have addressed the issue of whether it’s ethical to examine metadata embedded in electronic discovery.  According to the Legal Ethics Forum,  states and bars have come down on the issue as follows:

Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, the New York State Bar, the New York County Bar, and West Virginia agree that it is unethical for attorneys to look at metadata.

Maryland, the D.C. Bar, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and the ABA have found that viewing metadata is permissible and that the burden of removing metadata lies with the attorney producing the electronic documents.

Many firms use metadata removal tools or “scrubbers” that remove private metadata from files before they are sent to third parties.

Source: Young Lawyers Blog

Seven Facts About the Statue of Liberty: Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July! Today is the day that visitors will again be allowed to climb up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty. (The statue had been closed for security reasons following September 11.)

In celebration – we bring you these:

“7 Obscure Facts About The Statue Of Liberty.”

1. There is some controversy about what her spikes represent. The National Park Service says that her seven spikes represent the seven seas and seven continents of the world. However, Barry Moreno, author of “The Statue of Liberty Encyclopedia says the spikes are “sun rays” and that the circle is a halo showing that she is divine.

2. Her weight is distributed as follows: the copper in the statue weighs 31 tons, the steel weighs 125 tons, and the concrete foundation is 27,000 tons.

3. No one has been allowed in the torch since 1916 and the National Park Service has to climb a 40 foot ladder in order to maintain its floodlights.

4. When the wind speed is more than 50 mph, she sways three inches and her torch sways five inches.

5. Three people have thrown themselves off The Statue of Liberty.

6. The Statue of Liberty first appeared on screen in Charlie Chaplin’s 1917 film “The Immigrant.”

7. Vandalism is a big problem in The Statue – especially people writing their names in her crown in lipstick.