/ April 20, 2008

Bored In Class? For UC Law Students, No More Internet Diversions

The National Law Journal reports that Dean Saul Levmore of the University Chicago Law School has announced a policy of blocking internet use in classroom buildings. As he began to notice students surfing the web during class, Dean Levmore innocently requested that his students keep better focus. When he realized that he could simply block wireless access for the entire building, he ran with it, and has now made it a campus-wide policy. While some believe that the internet can be useful in the classroom (for example, to look up confusing legal jargon during a lecture), Levmore argues that blocking the internet is similar to banning cell phones in class, and will foster a more engaged academic environment. He has received multiple inquiries from fellow deans who would like to implement the policy on their own campuses.

University of Chicago News Release

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