/ April 14, 2008

British Court Issues Blow to "No Torture Guarantee" Policy

A British appeals court ruled last week against the deportation of several suspected terrorists to their home countries, arguing that the men would be vulnerable to torture and unfair trials outside of the UK.

One of the suspects, Abu Qatada, was to be deported to Jordan under the policy of the “no torture guarantee.” After the 2005 London tube bombings, Tony Blair enveiled a new program in which terror suspects and those considered “security threats” are to be deported to countries with whom Britain has negotiated “no torture” guarantees. However, because the Jordanian intelligence services routinely torture suspects for information to be used in trial, the British court ruled today that the Jordanian memorandum guaranteeing his legal rights was not credible.

The British Home Office states that it will appeal the decisions.

Article in The Guardian

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