/ March 25, 2009

Controversy Over Red-Light Cameras

Although there is no direct evidence that red-light cameras reduce accidents at intersections, they certainly provide a major source of revenue during a time when cities are hurting for funds.

Mississippi is resisting the trend to install more red light cameras. There are only a handful of cameras actually in use in Mississippi, but the state wants to deal with the problem before the red-light cameras become widely used across the state, and cities become reliant on them for much-needed revenue. Columbus and Jackson, the only cities in Mississippi that are currently using the cameras, have until October 1 to uninstall the cameras.
The use of red-light cameras is still controversial. Even if the cameras function accurately, there are issues surrounding their deployment , including city officials’ willingness to short-time yellow lights to catch more drivers, even though doing so actually reduces safety.
In other recent red-light camera news, a Chicago alderman said that the Windy City will entertain the idea of installing red-light cameras along the city’s major intersections.
Source: ARS Technica

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