/ February 3, 2014

Episode 9: Mini Preview of LegalTech and ReInvent Law

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I made a commitment to read on the air the first five-star review left after you subscribe to The Law Review Podcast on iTunes (reserving the right to make editorial edits as I deem necessary). Ed Walters joins me today and gives us a preview of the upcoming LegalTech and ReInvent Law conferences.

1. Will you have the chicken or the steak? It’s a question that could have saved a lot of money as the Indiana Supreme Court begins to consider whether it was proper for the Indiana Court of Appeals to fine a religious home-schooling support group for failing to provide an alternative dinner to a child with a severe allergy to chicken. When she filed a complaint with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, the child was expelled from the nonprofit group. Is this a case of administrative overreaching in the context of an organization not acting like a school (framing via Petitioners) or is it disability discrimination and retaliatory treatment (framing via Respondent)?

2. Via Aaron Kirschenfeld (@kirschsubjudice): Aaron points us to a NYTimes article discussing the recent Supreme Court of New Jersey argument regarding whether it was proper for a prosecutor to introduce evidence of the defendant’s rap lyrics at trial.

3. The Ninth Circuit recently held that bloggers have the same First Amendment defamation protections as real, honest-to-goodness journalists, finding fault with the district judge’s requirement that the defendant produce “evidence of her status as a journalist.” We talk a bit about this opinion during the literature review.

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