/ July 7, 2009

Fan Removed from Yankees Stadium for Using the Bathroom During "God Bless America" Settles for $22,000

Without admitting liability, the Yankees, NYPD, and NYC settled with Bradford Campeau-Laurion, the man removed from Yankee Stadium for attempting to use the bathroom during “God Bless America.”  Campeau-Laurion will be paid $10,001 and his attorneys (the New York Civil Liberties Union) will be paid $12,000 as a part of the settlement.

The suit was filed in federal court and claimed that Campeau-Laurion was the victim of religious and political discrimination when he was punished for not staying in his seat during “God Bless America.”

The stipulation, judgment, and order is available on Findlaw here.

Campeau-Laurion sued the NY Yankees and New York city after being ejected from Yankee’s stadium.  He had attempted to visit the restroom during the 7th inning stretch rendition of “God Bless America.”  Upon being told that he could not leave his seat until the song ended, Campeau-Laurion responded that he did not care about “God Bless America” and attempted to leave.  Following this statement, two officers pinned his arms behind his back and escorted him to the exit.  Allegedly, one of the officers told Campeau-Laurion to “get out of my country.”

Source: New York Times City Room Blog

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