/ May 26, 2009

Fastcase Research Tip: Save Time With Your Print Queue

You don’t have to get up an run to the printer every time you print a document on Fastcase.  Instead, use your print queue to store up to 20 cases that you want to print, and you can print them all at once.  For example, when you want to print a series of cases cited in opposing counsel’s brief:

1.  List the citations and separate them with commas.

2. Click search to view the cases as a list.

3. Click the printer to the left of each case to add them to your print queue.


4.  Open your print dropdown menu and click “View Print Queue.”  From here you can print all of your cases in one document.

Click here to watch a very short (3.25 minutes) tutorial about batch printing: Batch Printing Tutorial

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