TopForm Solutions

Here are some solutions to commonly-seen Topform issues. If these solutions don’t solve your problem, please contact us using any of the following options and we’ll be happy to assist you:

1. Live Chat
2. Email
3. Phone (866-773-2782, Option #2)

The program is not responding or closing.
Whenever a form is opened in TopForm, the rest of the program is locked. Please check to make sure that there isn’t a form open in the background, or which has been minimized. If there is, you can either close it, or navigate to the End of Interview and click Finish.

Random symbols are showing up in my forms.
In order to alert the user when a form hasn’t been completely filled out, Topform uses a placeholder to mark empty fields in certain forms. While this defaults to ***s, you can change it to underscores, the name of the variable which hasn’t been filled out, or even leave it blank. Click Tools on the menu in the top of the Form, then Options and Document Assembly. In the Assembled Document section, there will be an option to change the Unanswered variable placeholder. Pick whatever option works best for you.

I need to switch from Federal to State Exemptions or Vice-Versa
Whenever you open a case, there will be a blue bar at the top of Topform with the case name, chapter, and other information. At the far right, there’s a blue “More…”. Once you click this option, there will be a drop-down menu which allows you to choose between Federal and State exemptions, or even add exemptions from another state.

There’s a problem with my electronic signature.
Electronic signatures are made of two different parts – the signature code, which is in the Preference Tab under eFiling, and the signature, which is unique to each person and set in Firm Setup (for attorneys or petition preparers) or the Home Tab for each case (for clients). The signature code should just be whatever electronic signature code your court uses – generally /s/ or /s, while everything else goes in the signature.

Strange characters are showing up instead of check marks or x’s on my forms.
The check mark and x characters are created by the Wingdings font. Please check to make sure this font is installed properly.

I need to find documents I generated by eFiling.
Any document which is generated through the eFile tab will be available in the case folder for that case. You can access that case folder by clicking the Open case folder option under Documents. For your convenience, the documents you generated the most recently will also be available directly under Documents.

I need to export a case, or import a case.
Both importing and exporting are handled in the File tab. To export a case, select View Cases, then check the box next to the Case’s chapter and click Export. You can export any number of cases at a time by checking more than one box. To import a case, click Import Data, and then select the source format; the program will then ask you for the data file which contains the cases you want to import. If the data source contains more than one case, it’ll bring up a menu of which cases you want to import.

After I exported a case, Topform keeps warning me that the case was exported when I open it.
Once a case has been exported, Topform will automatically remind you so you don’t accidentally make changes to a case which won’t affect the exported copy. If you’re not worried about that and want to get rid of the message, you can do so by changing the case’s status. In the Home tab, there’s a Case status dropdown – change it from Exported to whatever best describes the case.

The network version is asking for a network share path.
The network share path is the folder which all copies of Topform on the network access to share information. It can be any folder you want, as long as it’s shared on the network and all computers can access it. If you’re not sure what the path is, check the Admin machine – in the File tab, click the About option, and it’ll show you the path you’ve set up. If you want to change it, click Edit Registration and you’ll be able to set up a new one.

I’m having a problem accessing the network share path.
The most common cause of this issue is an issue with your PC’s security measures. This can either be Windows Firewall, or an antivirus program such as Norton or AVG. Please consult your network administrator and ask them to assist you in ensuring Topform’s functionality is not impaired by these security measures.

I need to update Topform.
Topform will check for updates each time it’s opened. If there’s an update, it will let you know, and see if you want to install it. If you decided not to update but change your mind later, you can check again by clicking on Download Latest Updates in the Dashboard tab.

I received an error message that begins, “You are attempting to reinstall an older version of Fastcase TopForm & File.”
If you are using a Network Client version, most likely your Network Admin machine has not yet been updated. Please contact your network administrator and ask for the Network Admin version of Topform to be updated to the latest version of the software.

Topform is suddenly saying that my license key is invalid.
It’s possible your license key is out-of-date. Keys are good for one year from the date of purchase, and need to be renewed afterwards. Go ahead and contact our Customer Service line, and we’ll be happy to assist you.