/ March 13, 2013

Fixing the Legal Profession

Lately, the legal profession has taken a beating from all sides. Everything, from ranking schools to the law school model and beyond, is being scrutinized. We’ve rounded up links to just a few of the many interesting ideas.

“Pop Goes the Law” examines the U.S. News & World Report’s law school rankings list and its role in creating the “law bubble.”

Lawyerist.com ponders whether two years of law school is enough.

In a similar vein, this post at PrawfsBlawg advocates for apprenticeships so that students can learn practical skills.

Once law school is done, there’s still the bar exam to overcome. Or is there?

From the ABA Journal: the Illinois State Bar Association proposes, among other things, to allow qualified graduates to practice without taking a bar exam.

Or perhaps the pendulum is moving towards a unified bar exam, as noted at the Legal Skills Prof Blog.

Or maybe more subjects should be tested on the bar exam. Law.com reports that civil procedure will be added to the Multi-State Bar Exam beginning in 2015.

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