/ May 19, 2009

FTC Shuts Down "One of the Most Aggressive Telemarketing Schemes" Ever Encountered

Wondering what the Federal Trade Commission has done for you lately?

If you’re like millions of Americans who’ve recently received “robocalls” about an extension on your vehicle warranty, rest assured that the FTC is asking a federal court to shut down the allegedly deceptive promoter and telemarketing companies responsible for the calls. In its complaints, the FTC contends that the scheme uses random and prerecorded phone calls to deceive customers into thinking that their auto warranties are about to expire. The complaint goes on to allege that those who respond to the calls encounter live telemarketers who portray the product as an extension of the manufacturer’s original warranty when it is really a vehicle service contract.

On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge John Grady signed an order barring Network Foundations and Voice Touch Inc. from continuing the calls.

We’ve received dozens of these calls at Fastcase — and we’re pretty sure our auto warranties are current. Additionally, our team members and our friends also report being called at home and at work — some have even stopped answering their mobile phones because of this scam. The national “Do Not Call Registry” may not offer complete protection from telemarketing scams, but if you’d like to add your number, you can do so here: Join the National Do Not Call Registry.

Source: FTC Press Release

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