/ February 8, 2008

If saying "bomb" in an airport is suspicious…

…You would certainly think wearing one would be. An MIT student recently walked into Logan International Airport in Boston wearing a device resembling a bomb over her t-shirt, and (shockingly!) she was arrested at gun-point for the stunt.

The student’s lawyer, Tom Dwyer, is arguing that her right to free-speech has been violated, and that the circuit board she had created did not alarm anyone at MIT’s campus when she wore it on campus. Dwyer also states that many young people enjoy wearing clothing with flashing lights, apparently likening the LED lighting on the circuit board to a fashion statement. One astute response to the story, posted anonymously, asks:

“Aside from those kids’ sneakers, and night-time bicyclists, who wears clothing with flashing lights? Show of hands?”

So, think twice before using a fake bomb to make a statement in an airport (or at least formulate a better excuse).

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