/ February 24, 2009

Korbel Sues Anonymous Craigslist Critics, Demands Comcast Identify the Users

Last year, Korbel (yes, the champagne-maker) sued anonymous Craigslist posters for defamation.  The posts accused Korbel of retaliating against employees who reported sexual harassment, alleged that Korbel was scheming to cut down redwood forests on its Guerneville property, and reported that Korbel bribed law enforcement officials.  Korbel contends that these charges are false and have damaged the company’s reputation – it is seeking an injunction and resulting unspecified damages.

Now, Korbel heading to court in Sonoma County to force Comcast, the internet provider, to turn over posters’ names.  Comcast may comply with the order – as long as they have time to notify the users first.  (By the way, Craigslist reserves the right to release its users’ Internet addresses in court cases). Commentators call this the “latest twist” in a case set to test the limits of free speech on the Internet.

Source: Santa Rosa Press Democrat

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