/ June 6, 2008

Lawdable Quotes: Judge Jack Weinstein

The city of New York has filed suit against Jay Wallace, the owner of a gun shop in Georgia, accusing him of selling guns to New York residents, and thus making the streets of the city less safe. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s involvement in the case has been somewhat controversial, dubbed by the New York Times a struggle between David (small time shop owner Wallace) and Goliath, the city’s “billionaire mayor.” District Court Judge Jack Weinstein, however, has announced a small victory for Wallace; he will not allow Bloomberg to testify in the upcoming trial:

“I’m not going to permit the case to turn into a media show on either side… I see no reason to have the mayor here. From the city’s point of view, he doesn’t add anything to your case.”

According to a city lawyer, Bloomberg’s testimony was to focus on the toll that gun violence had taken on the city.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Adventure Outdoors wanted Mayor Bloomberg to be on the witness stand. He stated in his deposition he was the man who made the decision of the lawsuit and he admitted he knew nothing about Adventure Outdoors. Knowing nothing about the person you admit bringing a lawsuit against. How you can spin this to make people think the judge was doing Adventure Outdoors right by not allowing the mayor to testify is out of this world.