/ November 3, 2011

Legal Geekery’s Take on the Fastcase Cloud Printing Suite, Part II

Here at Fastcase we’re quite pleased with our freshly minted Cloud Printing Suite, but don’t take our word for it. Joshua Ariemma of the legal tech blog Legal Geekery has posted an informed review of the Fastcase Cloud Printing Suite Microsoft Word plug-in that captures both the utility and elegant design of our latest creation.

Here are some highlights from Tuesday’s post:

“As we’ve come to expect from Fastcase, the experience is simple, seamless, and straight-forward.”

“Just as I’ve developed a “Shut Up and Take My Money” policy with Apple products, Fastcase is approaching that level of confidence with me as a result of their consistently well-designed and highly polished apps.”

“If you still don’t have a Fastcase account, I’m strongly urging you to consider checking them out. We need progressive thinkers like these guys pushing tech development in our field.”

Click here for more information on Fastcase, or read the full post by Legal Geekery.

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