/ May 12, 2010

Library of Congress Creates One-Stop Resource on Elena Kagan

SCOTUS watchers, the Library of Congress just made your job much easier.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Harvard Law Record

To serve congressional and public requests for resources pertaining to this historic nomination, the Law Library of Congress has developed an incredibly thorough web presentation on Elena Kagan on its Supreme Court Nominations site.

The LOC site is a one-stop shop for Kagan resources: you can browse Kagan’s law review articles, Supreme Court oral argument transcripts, news stories, and watch clips from YouTube and C-SPAN.

[Click here to visit the site.]

Bonus:  With all the chatter out there about Elena Kagan’s qualifications, experience, and positions, here’s one story you might have missed:  the nominee’s batting stance received high marks from MLB players.  What on earth are we talking about?  Get the full story at MLB.com.

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