/ October 22, 2008

MIT OpenCourseWare: The Law of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

MIT OpenCourseWare

Interested in learning more about the law and how it relates to corporate finance? MIT is offering class materials to allow you to self study how the law interplays with financial markets and corporate finance.  MIT is part of the OpenCourseWare initiative which publishes the course materials of previously held classes.  You can follow along the lecture notes and and learn more about this subject at your own pace. The course description and class materials link are below.

Course Description

Much of 15.617 focuses on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and the law-sensitive aspects of financial services and financial markets. The course is designed to be an introduction to business law that covers the fundamentals, including contracts, liability, regulation, employment, and corporations. This class also provides an in-depth treatment of the law of finance
Download the course materials here: The Law of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets 

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