/ December 22, 2008

No Evictions in NYC For The Holidays!

Those tenants struggling to make ends meet can take a deep breath – the “Eviction Moratorium” has begun in New York City.  Each year, around Christmas, the NYC Marshals (who enforce evictions in the city) take a two week vacation, and evictions cease.  The origin of the traditional Christmas break is unknown.  Judge Jaya Madhavan, a Bronx Houseing Court Judge, calls it “one of those myths that take on the force of law.”
However, this informal policy has been found unconstitutional in other cities.  For example, in Milwaukee, the ACLU sued the Milwaukee County Circuit Court to abandon the policy saying, “No similar rules prevent the eviction of Muslin tenants during Ramadan or Jewish tenants during Passover.”  The 2008 moratorium in NYC began on Sunday.
Source: NY Times  

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