/ June 26, 2008

Rosenberg Testimony May Be Released, 68 Years On

This week federal prosecutors filed papers granting the release of the grand jury testimony of 35 out of 45 witnesses who spoke during the trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. The secretive trial, ending in the execution of the couple for high treason, took place from 1950-1951. The Rosenbergs, who had family ties to the classified production of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos National Laboratory, were convicted of providing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, but controversy and disbelief swirls around the decision to this day. Up until the end, the couple insisted on their innocence.

The testimony of ten of the trial’s witnesses, who are still living or have not agreed to its publication, will not be approved for release. While the government has given the go-ahead, a July 22nd hearing will finalize the decision.

Source: Yahoo News

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