/ September 23, 2008

Sites We Like: Engadget

The Fastcase blog focuses most of its attention to interesting legal news items but we also have a passion for keeping up with the latest technology.  One of our favorite blogs is Engadget, a blog that is devoted to consumer electronics and general technology news.  Engadget  is part of AOL’s Weblog’s  Inc. network, which consists of numerous blogs appealing to niche interests.  If you frequently succumb to gadget lust and want to keep up with trends in the consumer market, this is definitely the site for you.

 Let us know your opinions about Engadget  in the comments!

Editors Note:  It is a surprise to us that AOL could produce a blog that is on the bleeding edge of new technology and trends in the market.

SiteWeLike: Engadget

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