/ September 6, 2011

Somebody Doesn’t Know What They’re Talking About

Your smart phone is awesome, we know. It seems like everyday day there’s a new app that lets you keep your eyes glued to that screen in your pocket no bigger than an index card.  But what if your smart phone has been deceiving you? An article by David Segal of the NY Times notes the increasing number of businesses that are falsely reported as closed on Google Maps. When you consider how easy it is for a hungry smartphone user to browse between the vast assortment of food and service options listed in a Google search any small inconvenience threatening to push a customer away, such as the possibility of being closed, is serious business.  As of now, the problem is limited to small businesses that are the target of, presumably, other competing small businesses. However, one does wonder how quickly the problem could get out of control. While services such as Google Maps and Yelp have become an increasingly popular way of picking a restaurant or hotel the problem must be reined in now before the reputation of these services crumble.  If the situation doesn’t improve soon people may begin to look for good places to eat the old fashioned way—trial and error.

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