/ January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Parties are Legal

In 2007, the NFL disappointed fans who planned on attending private parties in church buildings to watch the Colts-Bears Super bowl game. When one church wanted to show the game using its projector and a large screen,  the NFL objected, stating that NFL rules did not allow for the game to be shown on any TV larger than 55 inches.
The NFL reversed its policy for this year’s matchup between the Steelers and Cardinals, stating that churches are free to show the game, if they follow a few rules.

While Churches may now show the game on a screen of any size,  they are not allowed to charge for  admission.  However, donations may be collected to help with the cost of the event. And lastly, Churches are urged to avoid the use of “Super Bowl” when advertising the event to avoid copyright trademark infringement.
Source: The Examiner and Fox News 

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