Members of the State Bar of Texas: Nationwide Legal Research

Member Benefit (Firms with 1-10 Attorneys)
Member Benefit (Firms with 11+ Attorneys)**
Subscription Fees Free Free
No-Contract Pricing Yes Yes
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (1 U.S. 1 to Present) Yes Yes
U.S. Courts of Appeals Decisions (1 F.2d 1 to Present) Yes 5th Circuit Only
U.S. District Court Decisions (1 F. Supp. 1 to Present) Yes
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Decisions (1 B.R. 1 to Present) Yes
State Supreme and Appellate Courts (1950* to Present) Yes Texas Courts Only
Customized Texas-Specific Databases Yes Yes
Nationwide Statutes and Regulations Yes Texas Statutes + Regulations
Visualize Search Results with Timeline View Yes Yes
Authority Check Yes Yes
Dual-Column & Batch Printing Yes Yes
* For detailed, up to date coverage information, please visit our Scope of Coverage page.

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