/ July 23, 2011

Tip: Send Your Search Results to Another Fastcase User

At Fastcase, you get static urls† for all search results (and cases).  That means you can save search results as bookmarks or send them to other Fastcase users.  Just follow these simple steps to send your search results to another Fastcase user:

1. Run a search.

2. When you are on the results screen, copy and paste the url into an email and send to the desired recipient.

3. Your recipient can access your search results by copying and pasting the url into her browser window after logging into Fastcase.

†Not sure what a url is?  “Url” stands for “uniform resource locator.”  Think of it as a type of address that tells your web browser where to access information from within Fastcase.  Urls are displayed in the address bar (usually at the top) of your web browser.   Fastcase urls begin with:  “https://.”


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