/ May 31, 2011

To Your Health

Photo by antwerpenR

Guiltless Coffee? Is there such a thing? An article from The Atlantic by Lane Wallace, caught our attention with this very important question.

Wallace spotted a series of studies that found coffee consumption may, in fact, be good for you. The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by a group of Harvard researchers, found that drinking coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer. She also points to a Swedish study which shows that coffee drinkers reduce their risk for breast cancer as well.

The possibility of extending our days by consuming our favorite way to jumpstart the day is certainly cause for celebration, but how could such tremendous advantages go unnoticed for so long by researchers? According to Kathryn Wilson, one of the Harvard researchers, apparently all that was needed was time, a Starbucks on every corner, and better computers:

“Until there were computers that could handle the necessary statistics, along with studies with larger sample sizes, it was very difficult to control for multiple factors at once to see their individual effects on health outcomes.”

While no one is claiming that everyone should dramatically increase the amount of coffee they intake each day, you now have a reason to feel better about that second cup.

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