/ May 10, 2010

Where do you network online?

There’s a host of social networks online these days. Some are mainly social, like Facebook. Others are for your professional networks, like LinkedIn.  But these lines are easily blurred.  On LinkedIn, many folks’ initial connections are their personal friends.  And on Facebook, companies–law firms included–have a vibrant presence, helping them market to and engage with future clients (ahem, check out Fastcase’s Facebook Page here).  Other sites are industry specific. Take Avvo for example, which compiles information about attorneys–even those who haven’t signed up.  By registering with Avvo, you have some control over your profile.

There’s no shortage these services, or of news about the proliferation of these networks, but we’d like to know which social networks lawyers and other legal professionals find useful. This is the first step. Feel free to add comments or email us your feedback.  In the coming weeks, we’ll highlight the most valuable online networks and services for lawyers, so make sure to check back.

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