/ March 14, 2011

Why we love: OpenCongress.org

cc licensed image from OpenCongress

The better question is, “why wouldn’t we love OpenCongress.org?” This non-profit, non-partisan blog preaches the importance of openness in government and puts it into practice by making all kinds of legislative data available to the public. OpenCongress follows legislation in both the House and Senate in a clear, manageable format that includes a summary of the bill in laymen’s terms, prominent actors on the bill, along with details on action taken so far and outside news on the topic. Beyond allowing you to tag and track legislation as it moves through Congress, OpenCongress provides information on government actors, the function and actions of all committees as well as commentary on all of these items from their team of bloggers.

OpenCongress.org fits right in with our goal of democratizing the law so we couldn’t help but take a moment to give them a shout out. Check out OpenCongress.org and allow yourself to feel like an “insider” and be on the lookout for OpenGovernment.org in your neck of the woods. The branch of OpenCongress focusing on state and local government is growing rapidly, beginning with California, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Maryland.

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