3 Ways to Boost Your Legal Research with Authority Check

Authority Check is one of the innovative features included in your Fastcase desktop subscription. It can help you determine whether a case is good law or not by giving you all of the later citing cases along with information about the most recently cited cases and the court levels at which the case has been cited. The report, however, can do much more than just help determine the precedential value of a case. It can help you:

1. Find additional cases on point.
If you’ve been searching for hours and have only found one or two cases that are on point, try using Authority Check to look at cases that cite the cases you’ve already found. This may lead to finding new cases and search terms that you hadn’t searched for.

2. Narrow the report to the newly-found cases to your particular jurisdiction.
On the report there is a dropdown menu that lets you filter by particular jurisdictions. This allows you to find the most relevant later citing cases and can help you better understand how a given case or topic is treated in your jurisdiction.

3. Visualize your case.
Now this is just plain cool. The Authority Check gives you a snapshot of the Interactive Timeline (another Fastcase tool) of your case. It places the cases that have cited your case on a 4-D graph. You can see a timeline with each case that has cited your case, how many times the later citing cases have been cited, and the relevancy of each later citing case. In a matter of seconds you can get a better understanding of your case.

For more information and instructions on how to use Authority Check, and Fastcase’s other innovative features, go to our Smarter Tools page found here .

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