Become LinkedIn For Professional Social Networking

After deeming itself the serious brand of Facebook or MySpace, LinkedIn, America’s professionals-only online networking community, looks to expand its frontiers toward more users and more revenue. Boasting a plain user interface and subtle unobtrusive applications, the company insists it can offer something that primarily social networks cannot. A rare fusion of a Monster-like company with the accessibility of Facebook has allowed for LinkedIn’s rapid success among the professional crowd. Rather than drawing users in with enticing gaming applications or profile decorations, LinkedIn offers practical tools such as resume posting and user to user contact that aids in professional networking.

Additions that can be expected in the near future include office meeting tools available exclusively to employees of a certain organization. It is the hope of LinkedIn that they will be able to forge the bridge from outer networking only to mastering the details inside office communication. The expansion will require increased privacy measures to ensure only true employees of a company are able to join the community but the extra work will hopefully be worth the result. If LinkedIn can pull off their new additions with success, companies will be able to pose questions online for quick reply, actively search for new employees, and share those possible new hires with as many as they wish. As they separate themselves farther from their “competition” LinkedIn may no longer be comparable to these socially based networks.


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