British Security Cameras Learn to Listen

According to BBC News, the CCTV cameras used on streets in the UK to record criminal activity are currently being primed to recognize specific sounds, ensuring that they will pivot in time to catch any crime taking place. The cameras will now use artificial intelligence software to detect certain noises, such as a window breaking or a car alarm. Today, the CCTV cameras are already sophisticated enough to distinguish between normal and “violent” movements. According to developers, the cameras’ accuracy in recognizing visual and audible cues will only get better as they “learn” with time.

While these technological advances are welcomed by the law enforcement community, some British citizens believe that the cameras are an invasion of privacy, and question whether they are being misused. The BBC itself recently unearthed hundreds of instances in which city councils used the cameras not to catch crimes, but to spy on individuals under the powers of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Oh, did we mention? The cameras can talk too. So, if you are committing a crime in Britain, prepare yourself for a verbal smackdown from a talking robot.

Source: The BBC

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