Check Statute Currency on Fastcase

Anytime you’re researching statutes, or anything else, it’s important to know that the research you’re doing is up to date. Fastcase makes that information easy to check, with currency information for every jurisdiction available right on the main Search Statutes page.

To check how current the statutes are in your jurisdiction, go to the Search Statutes page and click the plus sign next to your state’s name.

Then just click the blue “info” link to the right of the edition you want to check.

The currency of the statutes is reported here. Above, the South Carolina Code of Laws is current through the 2013 session. The two dates that are important here are “Last updated” and “Last checked for updates.”

• The “Last updated” date shows the last time that a change was made to that jurisdiction’s statutes on the Fastcase database. Statutes don’t change very often, so this date might not be very recent.

• The “Last checked for updates” date shows the last time that Fastcase checked the official source for any changes. We check our sources every day, so this date is usually much more recent than the other one. If this date is older than a day or two, then we’ve found updates to the statutes at the source, and we’re working on adding those updates to our database. Check back again soon!

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