Countdown to November 4: Voting on the “Master Plan” in New Orleans

The team of consultants that the New Orleans City Planning Commission hired to complete a “master plan” for economic development, better housing, improved infrastructure.  After Katrina, the plan was introduced and repeatedly stalled.  Whether to give this plan the force of law goes to vote on November 4th.

Proponents say that the plan aims to balance the necessary upgrades with an eye toward preserving the “architectural and cultural legacies.”  Critics remain unconvinced largely because the plan isn’t finished yet and voting for it feels like of like signing a blank check.  The local NAACP, for example, is not on board because it is unclear how the plan will treat historically African-American neighborhoods.  Other critics ask: what is the rush?  Commenters at the Times-Picayune certainly do not appear to be on board.
Check out the website for the plan here.
See a list with links to plan documents here.
Read what people are saying here.


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