Episode 17: Be Kind. Rewind. Or Go to JAIL.

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1. We talked about the new Law.com on an earlier podcast. Here’s a post showing off some new screenshots and discussing the new format.

2. The NSA and DHS have agreed to settle a suit re: parody of their names and seals. Pretty surprising backtracking on their parts, not even necessarily limited to parody in my not in any way legal opinion.

3. The Coalition for Court Transparency launched a campaign recently targeting SCOTUS’s reluctance to let cameras into the courtroom. Apparently it’s only being televised around the DC area, but through the magic of the interwebs, it’s pretty much being aired everywhere now.

4. Wisconsin is expected to successfully amend its definition of a raffle to include rubber duck races in the near future. Interestingly, it’s alarmingly specific about which kinds of rubber duck races it’ll cover. Here’s the excerpt describing the new definition of “raffle” c/o Lowering the Bar:

(2) A game of chance for which tickets are sold, that employs flexible plastic or rubber ducks that are used in a race, and that meets all of the following requirements:
(a) The ducks are placed in a waterway and the first duck to cross a finish line represents the winner of the raffle.
(b) All of the ducks are made to be unsinkable and unbreakable.
(c) A number written in waterproof ink is on each duck and the number is the same as one that is on a single ticket that was sold for the raffle.
(d) All of the ducks are of the same size, shape, and weight.
(e) The waterway is free of obstructions.
(f) The race begins with all of the ducks being held behind a barrier and the barrier then being removed or with all of the ducks being dropped by means of a device into the water at the same time.
(g) All individuals present at the race are prohibited from touching, hindering, or moving the ducks while they are in the waterway.
(h) The winner is determined by the use of a chute or some other entrapment device that is located at the finish line and that traps the ducks, one at a time, in the order that they cross the finish line.
5. Be kind. Rewind. Or go to JAIL. A weird story courtesy of South Carolina’s odd paucity of statutes of limitations: a South Carolina woman’s decision to report a crime last week led to a routine background check that revealed she had a warrant issued for her arrest as the result of not returning the incredibly amazing film Monster-in-Law. Some might argue she was doing Blockbuster a favor by not returning said film. Nonetheless, she ended up in jail because the sheriff said he had no choice but to arrest her.

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