Episode 2: Wyoming is the Key to China’s Internet?

One is the loneliest number, which is why this podcast is only ~11 minutes long. Still, some good stories today. Also, we’re on iTunes now so please subscribe and give us a review!

1. No one in China heard Episode 1 of this podcast yesterday due to what some are calling the Great Firewall Failure of 2014. Half of the ENTIRE WORLD’s internet users couldn’t access the internet for about 8 hours yesterday. It turns out that an error caused China to route all its internet traffic to an address registered in Cheyenne Wyoming. Internet security experts are theorizing this may have been caused by a misconfiguration of China’s firewall.

2. Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring has reversed the State’s position on its law banning gay marriage yesterday. Herring said he wants to “be on the right side of history, and on the right side of the law.”

3. Capital punishment has always been an issue of contention for the US when dealing with countries that don’t offer the punishment. Mexico, for instance, doesn’t implement the death penalty. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court last night denied a Mexican man’s appeal after his conviction for killing a police officer in Texas 20 years ago, and he was subsequently executed last night despite the objections of the Mexican Consulate and the warnings of the State` Department that this execution could affect the way Americans are treated in other countries.

4. A Kansas man who replied to a Craigslist post asking for a sperm donor was ruled by a Kansas court yesterday to be a presumptive father despite a contract between the parties waiving the obligation. The opinion pointed out that because act was not specifically an artificial insemination procedure performed by a physician, the man won’t be afforded protections guaranteed by a state statute in such cases.

5. One of the Fastcase ladies picks a few cases every year to construct our hypotheticals around when we conduct our legal research webinars, and she tries to pick ones she think will be granted cert. She’s on a streak, and this week the Supreme Court granted cert to a case considering whether or not the police need a warrant to search cell phones seized during an arrest.

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