Episode 24: For $8 All Your Datas Are Belong to Me

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0. As promised, I used to read the five star reviews from the Legal Geekery podcast once in a while, so I’m going to read one of ours here at TLR today — Lawstudentnyc101 rates us five stars and says, “Great podcast for a law student to get interesting legal news and stories. Quick and to the point. Keep up the good work.” Thanks for the review!

1. The Governance Lab brings to our attention Datacoup, a service claiming to be “the first personal data marketplace.” Gone are the days where third parties benefit from surreptitiously selling your behavioral data. Why not sidestep the perfunctory “I Agree” and start selling your data yourself? That’s a more sarcastic version of the sales pitch anyway. Given some of my research on the privacy habits of millennials and the state of the economy, I wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of service becomes sort of ubiquitous. I’ll be sad — don’t get me wrong — but not surprised.

2. Is service via social media going to become more common? A judge in the Eastern District of Virginia believes that service by LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or email, satisfies the requirements of Fed. R. Civ. P. 4(f)(3). Insofar as the spirit of the rule is concerned, I’m getting behind this as way more likely to make someone aware of a pending court case than traditional service by publication.

3. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog posted about Florida’s Warning Shot Bill, which was just voted out of the Senate judiciary committee. The law purports to “plug a hole” in the Stand Your Ground Law whereby a person could not threaten to use deadly force, say, by firing a gun a few inches from your would-be assailant’s head. Here’s the proposed text of the bill which is really the old bill with a lot of “or threaten to use” thrown in for good measure.

4. If you’re looking at receiving a settlement contingent upon your silence, you should probably make sure your kids aren’t blabbing about it on social media. This is probably also good advice if your clients have kids as well.

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