Episode 28: It’s Hard Out There a Bank Robber

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1. The ABA Journal wonders: should Hawaii cops be allowed to sleep with prostitutes in the course of an investigation? I discuss how the Hawaii PD backpedaled on this issue.

2. Oldschool bank robberies don’t pay like they used to. According to FBI statistics, about 60% of bank robbers will be tracked down within 18 months. More interestingly, the mean take-home from a bank robbery is about $4000. Definitely doesn’t seem worth it. Which explains why the number of bank robberies is significantly down overall over the course of the past few years.

3. While speaking to law students at the Brooklyn Law School recently, Justice Scalia said that he thought the question of whether computer data was one of the effects protected by the Fourth Amendment was a really good question. Actually, what he said first was, “Mmm. Mmm.”

4. Carolyn Elefant takes a good look at whether crowd sourcing lawyers is unethical. She doesn’t think so. I’m sort of constrained to disagree.

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