Episode 31: Four Huge Law Geeks Walk Into a Boucherie

Ed and I are joined by Colin Starger and Roger Skalbeck today for some pretty serious geeking out. As always, please go ahead and subscribe to The Law Review on iTunes to stay current on the goings-on in the legal tech world. (For bonus points, please consider giving us a rating that, to comport with the iTunes terms of use agreement, rhymes with “crive blars.”)

1. Friend of Fastcase @ouij brought this story to the subreddit’s attention: Brad Heath has compiled a single webpage aggregating all the feeds from circuit court arguments around the country.

2. Roger talks about #DCLegalHackers and the upcoming Citation Legal Hackathon.

3. We talk about the news that Wikimedia recently refused to take down a photograph taken by a monkey. Ed extends this issue to implications of robot law and intelligent agents (since he’s, you know, teaching a class at Georgetown Law this semester on the law of robots). What happens when I code an algorithm to start writing books people actually want to read? Ed’s got a take.

4. Colin tells us about a case on which he recently consulted, via the district attorney’s own task force, where an imprisoned man was released after many years of being wrongly jailed for rape. A very cool, uncommon, and completely necessary change in Innocence work.

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Thanks again to Roger and Colin for joining us. Roger provided us with quite a few bumpers I’m looking forward to incorporating into the podcast in the future. They are pretty awesome and/or hilarious so stay tuned. Mwuhaha.

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