Fastcase Legal Research App Update for iOS 8

Fastcase iPad

The wait is over — Fastcase Version 3.0 for iOS 8 is now available in the app store!  You don’t need to do anything new — just download the update when you see it in the iTunes store.

Apple’s iOS 7 release interfered with the Fastcase iPad app login, and iOS 8 broke Fastcase’s app altogether.  This update makes Fastcase for iPhone and iPad compatible with iOS 7 and 8. Additionally, it squashes some known bugs.

Here’s the changelog for Version 3.0:

Compatible with iOS 8 (100% less crashy!)

Do you like entering your username and password each time you log in? We don’t. We’ve fixed this by enabling keychain access.

Added retina display graphics and icons – more pixels, same low price.

Fixed iPad login crash bug – now clicking “Login” logs you in!

Time-outs are great for sports, but terrible for apps. We’ve optimized network responsiveness issues — results should time-out much less frequently now.

Thanks, but no thanks. We turned off auto-correct so it doesn’t interfere with Boolean searches.

Fixed logout bug. Clicking “Logout” now logs you out! (We’ve also changed the logout button color to a less offensive shade of red)

Fixed scrolling to most relevant paragraph.

Footnotes are now clickable, although still sometimes inscrutable, but that’s not really our fault.

You can update the app on your iPhone or iPad through the App Store, or you can update in the iTunes store today.

If you like Fastcase for the iPhone or iPad, help other legal professionals find it by giving it a 5-star review on iTunes!

Happy searching!

The Fastcase Team

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