For One Lawyer, Groundhog Day Never Ends…

Yes, Punxsatawney Phil did see his shadow last weekend, meaning weeks of bleak and bitter winter to come. However, one man happy to see Phil keep coming back to his shadow is his lawyer, Jeff Lundy. The Wall Street Journal recently conducted an interview with Jeff, who claims that the celebrity groundhog is his “most demanding client.” Nevertheless, Jeff has a great sense of humor about his working relationship with Phil:

“The work can get a little sparse from November to February when he’s hibernating,” said Lundy. “So I represent other animals.” Like who? “Well, we do pick up a lot of pain and suffering cases from deer,” he said, playfully. Lundy also reps Punxsutawney Phil for free. “I’m not happy about it,” says Lundy. “But what am I going to do?”

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