Get your vocal cords ready- Google Voice Search is (almost) here.

cc licensed flickr photo credit: Ian Kath

Just a month following Google’s widespread practical joke, their latest development for Chrome added last week is anything but. Google unveiled their speech recognition software and chose a select few to give it a test run. Adapted from the tool used on both Android and iPhone mobile devices, speech recognition software for the desktop requires little explanation: simply say what you’re looking for into the computer’s microphone and, voila – your search terms appear. Granted, none of the testers have issued a final review to confirm functionality but if the mobile app’s success is any indication, the desktop version should produce some satisfying results. Some are questioning the necessity of the software, a debate we’ve visited before, but in the case of speech recognition software, there seems to be an extensive list of reasons why we should be considering this the latest frontier.

Speech recognition software gives the computer user a rest from the aches and pains of typing and the curse of a low WPM score. Additionally, ReadWriteWeb suggests that the introduction of the software into everyday life could improve an individual’s comfort level with developing more effective search queries. Instead of typing and retyping lengthy strings of search terms to no avail, simply recite your queries as they come to you and let the software do the work. Finally, the software now recognizes Chinese in addition to English, meaning even easier and more accurate translation software is probably not far behind.

Google is waiting to roll out their speech recognition software to the public, undoubtedly to get feedback from their test users and make any necessary adjustments. We’re excited to hear what these lucky few have to say and also for the software to make its formal appearance. We do know that Google does not plan to keep the software for themselves – enabling developers to add the capability to their applications just as soon as they launch. Just another reason why Google was aptly named “Most Reputable Company” by Harris Interactive. Congrats!

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