Getting Extreme to Get Green

It’s not just Americans who are suffering from the poor economy this year, people all over the world are having trouble in these hard times and some are going to extremes just to get by. Recently, a Belgian couple who determined they did not have enough money to support another child sold their newborn to a Dutch couple who had responded to an online ad. The exchange, discovered in late November, has authorities puzzled over what to do with the child. At the moment it appears the baby will be delivered into the hands of a foster home with no ties to either family involved in the transaction.

The baby was taken into custody just this week and the biological parents face a number of charges. Not only was the sale of their child a violation of adoption laws across the globe, but they also registered the baby under the adoptive parents’ name in the hopes of hiding their drastic money saving tactic. In spite of the stagnant economy, Belgian authorities are unforgiving when it comes to this family’s mistake. It looks like the five to ten thousand dollars the couple received for their child was probably not worth the years of trouble it’s going to cause them.

Source: BBC

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