Go Green to Make Green

Going green has changed from a fad to a lifestyle in just a matter of years leaving many wondering if, and when, they should jump on the bandwagon. While the transition first began in homes, businesses are starting to see the benefits as well. For the consumer, going green is a matter of protecting the environment and padding their pockets, but for businesses it is getting more complicated. While it is still necessary to maintain concern over protecting the environment and their own expenses, companies must now be aware of the impression they are leaving on consumers. With consumers more conscious about what they buy and where they shop, many are passing up on old favorites if they do not share the same values.

While at the moment this is not a major concern for law firms or other service oriented companies, it may very well be a deciding factor for their clients in the near future. To get ahead of the game, offices, including law firms, may want to start “greening” their surroundings so they can use this to their marketing advantage. Printing on both sides of the page, recycling a bit more and switching light bulbs might just bring in a larger clientele base in the future. In the meantime, evaluating the carbon footprint of your office might help reduce and even eliminate unnecessary costs and waste currently being produced.

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