Google Claims Its Floating Data Center Will Save the World, Skeptics Disagree

That’s right. Google applied for a patent to protect its idea for a “water-based data center” between 3 and 7 miles off the coast. The New York Times Technology blog calls it “Google’s data navy.

Why is Google doing this? It depends on who you ask. Of course, there are those who argue (jokingly?) it’s just another stop on the road toward the search engine/advertiser’s quest for global domination. Others suggest that Google has just grown tired of paying taxes and following rules. And no one seems capable of resisting the urge to joke about pirates. (The Guardian went so far as to pair the news with a photo of Captain Jack Sparrow.)

But, Google claims that the water-based data center is environmentally responsible and that it will strengthen the United States’ national security. Under the proposed plan, the center will also be a wave farm and will use Pelamis units to generate power. Additionally, in the patent application, Google argues that a need for computing and telecommunication flows from military conflict and natural disaster.

In addition saving the environment, increasing the security of our nation, and bringing Google a little bit closer to being in charge of the world (or at least the part of the world that Secretary Paulson probably will not be running), the water-based data center hopes to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth. This will speed data arrival and hopes to solve the problem of housing bulky data in crowded coastal metropolitan areas where space is unavailable/expensive.

What’s next for Google? Outer space? Too late: they are already there.

Source: New York Times Technology Blog

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