Guantanamo Tactics Leaked on the Web?

A 2003 prison camp operations manual for Guantanamo Bay, entitled Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures, was leaked over the internet this week, bringing to light the detention and interrogation methods used there by the US military. The Bush administration and the Armed Forces have said that the 2003 regulations have evolved significantly over the years.

While the guide clearly states that all prisoners deserve humane treatment, human rights advocates bemoan some of the apparently official practices outlined in the booklet. For example, the military had previously said that the International Committee of the Red Cross enjoyed complete access to detainees, but the report asserts that the ICRC would have no access to some prisoners and only a visual assessment for others. Other procedures described in the manual include the use of dogs for intimidation, mandatory two-week solitary confinement for each incoming prisoner, and the proper way to address a hunger strike.

The report was made public over the website, which was created to empower whistle-blowers through anonymity. According to Wikileaks, the report was not classified, and it remains unclear whether it accurately reflects the reality on the ground at Guantanamo Bay.

To read the description of life in Guantanamo from the viewpoint of the Guantanamo Joint Task Force, click here.

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