Hackers Are Keeping You Safe at Facebook?

A recent article by Roberto Baldwin of Gizmodo explores the privacy and security maintenance strategy of the social network Facebook. At the moment Facebook has managed to avoid a catastrophic security breach that many of their online peers have recently fallen victim to. To keep such breaches at bay the social network uses both in-house and recreational hackers who receive cash prizes when they discover and report security flaws found within the structural code of the expansive social network. The strategy traces back to CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s hacking past while an undergrad at Harvard working to develop Facebook. More recently, the in-house security team at Facebook has been working on over drive to secure the successful launch of Facebook’s newest and controversial feature: Timeline. With its request for an increasing array of personal information Facebook’s reputation is on the line more so than at any other time in its brief history. While Facebook has been able to ward off a large scale attack thus far it is the individual account breaches, Baldwin notes that are slowly chipping away at the reputation of Facebook. Let’s just hope that our information stays secure as we continue to place more of it in the hands of Facebook.

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