Heady Fastcase Tip, from a Law Student

We do our best to provide our customers with all the resources they need to know Fastcase in and out.  We conduct webinars on a nearly daily basis, answer folks’ questions via live chat, and provide a lot of great resources online.

But often times, the best advice about Fastcase comes from customers themselves.  Bar associations, bloggers, and librarians are great resources for tips and advice, so it’s our pleasure to highlight a recent favorite from Laura Bergus, writing for Social Media Law Student:

“This view [Interactive Timeline] is also helpful for analyzing the usefulness of your search query at a glance: if the inner circles are consistently very small compared to the outer circles, your search is probably not hitting the issue that these cases are usually cited for. This may be expected for certain issues, but is a good indicator you need to refine your search if you’re looking for seminal cases on a particular topic (because you would expect such cases to be cited heavily both in the search results and in the total database).”

Interactive Timeline

Smart huh? Use Interactive Timeline to measure the effectiveness of your search.  This is a prime example of a blogger identifying a specific aspect of a feature that we’ve never highlighted before—it’s a great tip and an effective use of the Interactive Timeline.

If you have any tips, suggestions for new features, or general feedback, let us know.  Happy Searching!

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