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How to Browse Libraries on Fastcase 7

Searches are a great way to find materials with specific words or phrases, but when you’re just starting to investigate a new subject, sometimes the fastest way to find the controlling statute or rule is to browse through the library, rather than searching it. Using Browse Libraries on Fastcase, you can see the “table of contents view” of the entire code and easily toggle back and forth between different individual statutes or rules. Browsing lets you see the code organized by subject, rather than by key word.


If you wanted to browse the D.C. Code to find 12-301 (the statute of limitations), you would follow these steps:

Step One: Go to the Advanced Search page.

Advanced Search Link

Step Two: Click on Browse Libraries in the lower-right corner under Other Resources.

Browse Libraries Link

Step Three: A list of libraries will appear. Select Statutes and Codes, then District of Columbia from the list of statutes and jurisdictions by clicking on the yellow folder icons next to them. dc-codeThis will bring you to an expandable outline of the D.C. Code. Choose which edition of the D.C. Code you want to search by clicking on the orange plus sign next to the applicable edition.

Step Four: Initially, you will see a list of the DC Code Divisions. Click on the yellow folder next to each Division to view the Titles in that Division. Then click on the yellow folder next to Title to view each Chapter in that Title, and so on.

Scroll down and expand Division II Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.

Then scroll down and expand Title 12 Right to Remedy.

Finally, scroll down a bit further and expand Chapter 3 Limitations of Actions, then click on 12-301 Limitation of time for bringing actions.

Step Five: The statute text will open up in a new pane on the right while the outline of the code remains in the pane on the left. You can jump to other sections of the Code by selecting them in the left-hand pane, or just skip to the next or previous section by using the arrow buttons to either side of the word DOCS above the statute text.

Step Six: Now that you’ve found the right statute, you can bookmark it in your browser or save it to your favorite documents on Fastcase, or just write down the citation so you can search for it later.


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