How to Find Election Law in Your Jurisdiction

It’s Election Day, and there are a lot of tight races out there! As America heads to the polls, people on both sides of the aisle are wondering what happens if a result gets contested. Does your jurisdiction have automatic recounts? What’s the threshold? Can one side demand a recount? Here’s how you can find out on Fastcase 7:

Step 1: Start Your Search

Open up Fastcase 7, and enter the following terms into the search bar: election* /5 recount*

Then click Go to return every document we have that mentions the words election and recount close together.


Step 2: Narrow Your Search

That initial search will pull up over 3,000 documents, most of which won’t be relevant in your jurisdiction. Thankfully, unlike election results, you can filter your Fastcase search results to only those you want to see. To focus down on just the relevant results, use the Filters pane on the left-hand side of your screen.




For example, let’s say we’re worried about another kerfuffle in Florida. Scroll down to Jurisdiction and select FL, and then click Apply Filters to narrow down your results.


Step 3: Look for What’s Important

Now you’ve got a list of all the cases, statutes and regulations in Florida that talk about election recounts. You can either review the list in order by relevance or date, or if you want to quickly get an idea of the important cases, expand the Interactive Timeline pane to see them laid out visually by time and importance.



Notice that Fastcase Forecite keeps you apprised of important cases, even if you’ve filtered them out. We may have limited our results to Florida state cases, but no discussion of Florida election law could be complete without a mention of Bush v. Gore.


Good luck at the polls today and as always, Happy Searching!

-The Fastcase Team

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