Inside Look at a Justice’s Lifestyle

U.S. Supreme Court Justices are notorious for their unobtrusive lifestyles, keeping themselves out of the press, for the most part, and refusing to disclose information regarding their decision-making or feelings about a case. As they attempt to maintain a certain level of secrecy regarding their position as the most powerful judicial interpreters in the country, there is one aspect of their personal lives that has been difficult to keep quiet. Every year, the financial records of the Justices are made public, outlining not only the salary they bring in, but also their investments, income from side projects and various gifts received throughout the year.

Each of the nine Justices makes just over $200,000 serving on the high court, with Chief Justice John Roberts bringing in about $10,000 more than his colleagues. Beyond their modest salary, outside ventures have been notably more lucrative. With assets built from book royalties and wise investments, the majority of the Court’s members are considered millionaires, providing an interesting insight into the makeup of this distinguished group.

This year, with one veteran Justice on his way out and a nominee waiting for confirmation, the disclosures did not stop at the usual nine. Judge Sonia Sotomayor had her own finances examined this week, including an in-depth comparison to her potential colleagues.

Source:, New York Times

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